Welcome to The ACT Keyword Study Plan

Are you taking test after test, hoping that eventually your reading comprehension score will increase?


Keywords are what you have been missing

Keywords are small words that make a BIG difference on both the reading comprehension and critical reasoning sections of the ACT.

The ACT uses keywords to engineer right and wrong answer choices. When you see a keyword, you can bet that the information needed to come up with the right answer is nearby and hinges on the precise meaning of the keyword.

If keywords are not understood, you are throwing POINTS OUT THE WINDOW!

Do you know someone who barely studied and got an amazing score?

We weren’t naturally good test takers…

We studied hard and got good grades, but that never translated to standardized tests. Meanwhile, we knew people who barely studied and got amazing scores. What were these “natural” test takers doing that we weren’t doing?

After studying several test-taking “naturals,” we realized that high performers clearly understand 150 keywords that appear on almost every ACT. It was after learning those keywords that we first cracked the test for ourselves, and we have been teaching these methods and helping students beat the ACT ever since – almost ten years now! 

These are the 150 ACT vocabulary words you’re missing

Taking test after test will only get you so far… You must understand how to interpret keywords to improve your score.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place. The ACT Keyword Study Plan walks you through a step-by-step process for learning keywords and how to turn them into points on test day. 

In 16 keyword sections and 70 pages you will:

Go from hoping for a great score to knowing HOW to get it

Through a simple, step-by-step study plan, you’ll learn the 150 most important words on the ACT and how to turn them into points.

Feel more confident on complex passages

Imagine reading a passage, barely understanding what it’s about, and still getting all the questions right. Too good to be true? After using keywords for just a few weeks, you’ll start to see order in passages that used to baffle you. Eventually, even the most complicated science passages will look as familiar as any other passage.

Fill in the blanks of your course

Your course can’t hit everything. This e-book fills in the blanks and includes tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else.

Learn where right answers are hidden

Keywords tell you which sentences the test is going to ask about. If you don’t recognize keywords, you might miss information critical to answering the questions. 

Improve your timing

By focusing on the right words, you will focus on the parts of the passage that yield right answers and not waste time on trivial details. 

Harness the power of Pro-Forms

Never heard of pro-forms? The test uses them to engineer confusion. Once you learn how to handle pro-forms, you will avoid aimless rereading, one of the top causes of timing issues on the ACT.

Make the most of your study time

There’s not a lot of time, but that’s okay. This no frills, no fluff e-book gets straight to the point. It guides you through learning keywords all the way through turning them into points on official practice tests. 


Get The ACT Keyword Study Plan now for $99 

  • 70-page eBook, organized into 16 keyword categories

  • A step-by-step study plan for learning keywords

  • 150+ keywords and detailed explanations for what to do when you see them

  • 10 of our most powerful study hacks - learn the never-before-seen tips we use in our private tutoring

Here’s the deal:

  1. The $99 is a one-time purchase using PayPal or credit card

  2. You’ll receive a link in your email to download the eBook

  3. That’s it! Please note that this is a digital course. Nothing will be shipped to you. 

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How the course is structured

The course is organized into two parts:

Part I: The Keyword Study Plan

Part I explains best practices for ACT studying and walks you through a step-by-step plan to install keywords and use them for maximum benefit. Part I includes:

10 Study Tips We’ve Been Using to Coach Top Test Takers for Nearly A Decade 

Know someone working with a tutor or taking an expensive course? What are they learning that you’re not? Learn study tips that we’ve been using with top test takers for almost ten years. To the average test taker, these tips are going to look simple, almost boneheaded. But if you’re serious about improving your score and challenge yourself to try these study techniques, you’ll begin to see the test in a whole new light.

Flash Card Best Practices

Why are flash cards so powerful? Are you using them the right way? Flash cards help you achieve instantaneous recall of the keywords, which is critical since the ACT is a timed test. This section includes flash card best practices to help you achieve instantaneous recall as fast as possible.

The Step-By-Step Study Plan

The easy-to-follow study plan walks you through a proven process for memorizing keywords and turning them into points.

Part II: Keywords and What to Do with them

Part II explains each keyword category, lists its relevant keywords, and explains what to do when you see each keyword.

All the Keywords in One Place

When you travel, do you ever spread your clothes out on the bed to see what you need to fit in the suitcase? It helps to see everything at once. This course spreads all the keywords out on the page so you can see them all at once. Most ACT courses spread keywords out across multiple sessions to keep you coming back. They trickle them out. That’s good for them since it keeps you coming back to class, but ultimately bad for you because you don’t see how all the keywords relate to each other. Here you get all the keywords in one place! 


Get The ACT Keyword Study Plan now for $99

  • A step-by-step study plan for learning keywords

  • 70-page eBook, organized into 16 keyword categories

  • 150+ keywords and detailed explanations 

Here’s the deal:

  • The $99 is a one-time purchase using PayPal or credit card

  • You’ll receive a link in your email to download the eBook

  • That’s it! Please note that this is a digital course. Nothing will be shipped to you. 

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Why did we write this course?

Revenge. The ACT didn’t come naturally at first. It kept us up at night. When we finally cracked the ACT for ourselves, we started sharing our tips with friends and family. They started performing better as well. It felt great. As we realized that we could help more people beat the test, we made it our mission to make these tips widely available. Not sure what it says about us, but we take pleasure in helping others beat this test over and over again.

Who should buy this course?

Buy this course if you are inconsistent on reading comprehension or critical reasoning

Do you have good days when you don’t miss a single reading comp question, but then have bad days when you miss an entire passage? This course may shed light on what you do on your good days so you can achieve positive results more consistently.

Buy this course if you are self-driven and willing to put in the work

It takes time and dedication to turn keywords into points. But once you do, you’ll achieve a consistency known only to a few top test takers. Plan to set aside a weekend to work through the course and make the flash cards. Plan to practice hunting for keywords and linking them to right answers for at least two weeks before it becomes second nature.

Buy this course if you want to understand how the ACT engineers right and wrong answers

Do you often narrow it down to two answer choices and then pick the wrong one? Learning the keywords in this course will help you understand why one is right and one is wrong, even when both “look right.” 

Buy this course if you don’t want to leave any points on the table

If you do only what everyone else does, you have little chance of outperforming them. If you want to score higher than your competition, you have to work harder and smarter. This course compresses months of private tutoring and never-before-seen tips and tricks into a simple study plan.

Who should NOT buy this course?

DO NOT buy this course if you are within two weeks of your test

The concepts taught in this course will slow you down at first. Until you achieve instantaneous keyword recall and keywords become second nature, your score might go down. Only buy this course if you have over two weeks to practice.

DO NOT buy this course if you haven’t taken a full course

This course is meant to be a supplement to a full course. As such, there are lots of test fundamentals NOT COVERED in this course. If you haven’t already taken a course or worked through a self-study guide, then sign up for a course or buy a book now!

DO NOT buy this course if you haven’t scored above a 60th percentile on reading

If you haven’t scored above a 60th percentile on the reading section of a practice test, your time is likely better spent learning the fundamentals from your course or self-study guide book. Once you master the fundamentals and begin scoring above the 60th percentile, the advanced concepts taught in this e-book will help much more.

DO NOT buy this course if you haven’t taken at least 2 practice tests

If you haven’t taken at least 2 practice tests, you might not have enough experience with the test to recognize how the insights in this course will help. Wait until you have taken at least two practice tests to determine if increased reading comprehension skills are what you need to bridge the gap between where you’re scoring and where you want to score.

DO NOT buy this course if you are looking for a quick fix

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for the ACT. To improve your reading comprehension, you must actually comprehend more of what you read. And that takes time. Though we show you the fastest path to achieving keyword mastery, it still takes top test takers 2-4 weeks to install the information and see results. 

Why is it $99? That seems like a lot!

It’s puzzling when people think $99 is a lot to spend to increase their ACT scores. 

If your vision is blurry, what do you do? You can try to squint, but you’re best off just paying the doctor for a new pair of glasses. They’re expensive because you wear them ALL THE TIME. This course gives you a new pair of glasses to read the test with more clarity than ever before.

Also, points are money. Each additional point could mean getting into a better school, getting a bigger scholarship, and landing a higher paying job down the road. 

I’m just starting to study. Should I buy this course?

Not yet. This course is a supplement, not a replacement for a standard ACT course. Come back after you have scored above a 60th percentile on the verbal portion of the test and taken at least two practice tests. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter for tips and tricks.

What’s the refund policy?

We do not offer refunds or money back guarantees. We’ve spent nearly ten years refining the ideas taught in this course. We have seen these techniques help students often enough to know that if you follow the study plan, you will see improvement. If you’re unmotivated or think you’re a test taking genius, don’t buy the course. Even with the tools in this course, it will still take a lot of practice to see results. 

Why is this a book and not an app? 

When smartphones first came out, we were excited that they would usher in a new era of advanced education tools. But the phone has become a source of great distraction and anxiety. We find that students perform best with analog study tools, such as books, with their phones turned OFF.

We’re here for you

We made this course to help you increase your ACT score. If you have any questions about the course, we’re more than happy to answer them.