What are you training for?


What are you training for?

What is NerdCoach?

What is NerdCoach?


Mobile Games

Seemingly simple and fun, NerdCoach's mobile games drill you in the cognitive skills essential for mastering standardized tests.

Study On The Go

Review books are heavy and official questions on your phone are useless unless you have scratch paper. We've designed the games in NerdCoach so that you can get quality studying done without any books or scratch paper. All you need is your iPhone or iPad and your attention

Target and Drill Key Skills

You can improve your jump-shot by playing in basketball games, but isn't it more effective to practice jump-shots on their own? Similarly, you can eventually develop foundational test skills by practicing official questions, but you can achieve score improvement more quickly and effectively by targeting and drilling foundational skills in isolation. The games in NerdCoach are designed to drill users on essential, yet commonly overlooked standardized test skills. In our experience tutoring students, honing these skills leads to rapid score improvement.

Supplement Your Class

You invested a lot of money in prep courses, but do you feel like you’re making the progress you need? Prep courses are useful, but they don't teach everything you need to score well. NerdCoach drills you in essential skills in a way that your class won't. You can't afford to rely on your class only – there's too much at stake!

Make Every Minute Count

NerdCoach games are potent 1-minute study sessions. So whether it's three minutes in line at your favorite coffee shop or five minutes between classes, NerdCoach games enable you to sharpen your test skills anywhere, anytime.

Have Fun!

The games included in NerdCoach are designed like video games. In fact, they're fun enough that even people not studying find them enjoyable! You've got to study for the test; you might as well do it in a way that's both fun and effective.

About Us

About Us

NerdCoach creates mobile, video-game inspired study tools to make test prep fun and portable. LSAT Trainer by NerdCoach is the first release of a suite of educational apps that enable students to leverage time away from their desks into fun, score-increasing study time.