The Ultimate Test Prep Supplements

What are you training for?


Seemingly simple and fun, NerdCoach apps and study plans drill you in the cognitive skills essential for mastering standardized tests.

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Supplement Your Class

Prep classes are useful, but they don't teach everything you need to score well. NerdCoach helps you fill in the gaps of your class for a fraction of the price of private tutoring.

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Target Key Skills

You can improve your jump-shot by playing in basketball games, but isn't it more effective to practice jump-shots on their own? Similarly, you can eventually develop foundational test skills by practicing official questions, but you can achieve score improvement more quickly and effectively by targeting and drilling foundational skills in isolation. NerdCoach apps and courses are designed to drill users on essential, yet commonly overlooked standardized test skills. In our experience coaching students, we have found that honing these skills leads to rapid score improvement.