What you get:

〉Four games that help you develop skills foundational for LSAT success:  

  Keyword Hunter – Trains you to pick keywords out of distracting text and explains the importance of each keyword in detail
  Pro-Form Hunter – Trains you to pick pro-forms, which are critical to comprehension, out of distracting text
  Can’t Jump This – Trains you to identify when you can and cannot jump to conclusions
  Question Types – Trains you to identify Logical Reasoning question types

〉Explanations and tips for over 180 LSAT keywords
〉Over 400 sufficient/necessary training exercises in the “Can’t Jump This” game
〉Explanations for how to leverage the skills taught in this app into points on test day
〉Our support. Just send feedback and questions to us via the web submission form at www.nerdcoach.com. We’re determined to make the best LSAT study app for the iPhone and appreciate your feedback!